Low-quality potatoes down to 10/t

By FWi staff

PRICE variations in the potato market continue to grow as the quantity of poor stocks offered grows. Bottom offers are now as low as 10/t.

Nowhere are values very buoyant, all bar quality supplies are in excess, and new orders in most sectors are difficult to find, noted the British Potato Council in its weekly price report.

Price pressure is increasing from the supermarkets, and many buyers are unimpressed by offers which just fail to make the multiples demands.

However, the BPC notes that there is still optimism from some traders.

“Provided remaining low grade stocks are cleared rapidly and growers continue to unload stores steadily, April could see, not heady prices, but some upward movement,” one trader told the BPC.

Despite falling values for poor material, top grade 1 bulk packing is steady, with Piper between 60-90/t, up to 115/t.

Best Estima are at 50-85/t and Edward are 70-95/t, with the odd few at 120/t.

Other grade 1 is trading between 50-80/t, with grade 2 at 35-45/t and poorer samples at 10-20/t.

The bag trade is slow, trading from 20/t, with most between 50-60/t up to 80/t.

Processing values start from 18-40/t for chipping and 35-40/t for crisping.

The BPC weekly GB ex-farm average dropped 3.47 over the week to 62.16/t as more growers offer average or poor stocks. This compares with 170.08/t in 1999.

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