Lower cost Saphir drill now available

5 April 2002

Lower cost Saphir drill now available

LEMKEN now manufactures a lower cost version of its Saphir drill which employs single rather than double-disc coulters.

The 325mm concave discs are mounted on a spring steel coulter bar which flexes to avoid damage from stones.

Lemken says the disc design achieves an effective soil-engaging action, and optimises self-cleaning.

A pressure of up to 20kg a coulter can be adjusted from a central position mechanically or hydraulically from the tractor seat. This, says Lemken, allows seed to be sown at the deepest point of disc penetration, while a specially shaped coulter skid holds the seed slot open.

The hardened coulter skids are also built to keep the inside of the coulter clean in sticky conditions.

Seed is covered by a modified S-tine rake to provide an effective covering action.

Price for a 3m Saphir with single disc coulters is £1535 less than a double-disc version. &#42

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