Lower levy fines for overshoot

8 August 1997

Lower levy fines for overshoot

MILK producers face a lower total super-levy bill for over-production last milk year than was initially feared.

The Intervention Board has provisionally fixed the fine at £13.6m in respect of 50m litres above quota, equivalent to 27.24p/litre.

Previously the IB had estimated the levy at £16.5m for a 60m litre overshoot. But that was before it had information on the amount of direct sales quota that was temporarily transferred into wholesale.

The IB has also confirmed a direct sellers levy of £1.1m in respect of 4m litres over-production – equivalent to 8.21p/litre.

All fines must be paid by Aug 29, otherwise interest will be charged on outstanding dues. (Last year, super-levy came to £44m for wholesale supplies and £5m for direct sellers.)n

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