Lower pick-up arms on latest harvesters

11 September 1998

Lower pick-up arms on latest harvesters

LATEST generation of multi-row top lifting vegetable harvesters from Standen Reflex comes in the form of the Asa-Lift Direct Flow machines.

Available as tractor trailed units with either two, three or four rows, the new harvesters feature longer and lower pick-up arms, when compared with earlier models, and a revised front pulley/idler configuration.

Front pulleys are adjustable sideways, with additional pulleys fitted at the lower end of the belts to help increase their grip on the crop.

Standen also points out that the harvesters discharge elevator is now higher, enabling it to operate at a lower angle and reduce the height from which the crop falls into the trailer.

Heavy duty RollerBar toppers squeeze the tops off at the upper end of the pick-up arms – the new layout does away with coil spring tensioning by employing a spring steel bar system.

Other changes include the use of a separate tractor powered hydraulic oil supply to activate ram functions, rather than using the machines independent system.

This arrangement allows the machine to be shut down when empty – turning on headlands, for example – saving wear on webs and toppers.

The Asa-lift Direct flow harvester, which the manufacturer says is suitable for carrots, red beet, parsnips, swedes and turnips, is priced from £47,000 for a two-row version. &#42

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