Lower yields reduce French grain crop

By FWi staff

  • ONIC, the French Cereals Authority, has forecast the 1999 French grain crop at 50.2 million tonnes, 5 % below last years crop due to lower yields.
    Various wheat production forecasts also emerging over the week, differed from 35 to 37 million tonnes. The estimates, however, still put the wheat harvest close to the record 38.7 million tonnes seen in 1998.

  • The Danish grain harvest has been helped by recent sunny weather following a wet June which left some regions with waterlogged fields.

    Further crop development will depend on weather over July. Feed wheat export prices ended the week firmer as scarcity was noted on the domestic scene. This, however, is only expected to last over the next couple of weeks.

  • Spanish prices remained stable despite news that it may have to import feed wheat and barley. Around 125,000 tonnes of barley is likely to come from either the UK, France or Germany to meet local animal feed requirements after the drought hit the production of winter cereals.

    A lack of interest in opening a further tranche of reduced-levy maize to Spain has been noted this week. Argentine maize is relatively more expensive than the Spanish product and US maize is being avoided for fear that it may contain GM varieties.
    Harvesting of malting barley across the EU is showing signs of disappointing yields.

  • With malting barley price premiums at low levels, some are blending winter malting barley with feed barley in the hope of seeing prices improve to help cover

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