Luxembourgs farming sector consolidates

08 June 1999

Luxembourgs farming sector consolidates

LUXEMBOURGS farming sector has been consolidating, reports the
Financial Times in a wide-ranging review of the European

Statec, the states statistical service, says the number of farms of
2ha (4.9 acres) or more fell from 4,366 in 1980 to 2,579 in 1996. At the
same time, the area of the average farm increased from 29.6ha (73.1
acres) to 49ha (121 acres).

The newspaper reports farming profitability is poor with farmers
average income achieving only 48% of the national average.

Of the total arable area, three-quarters is cultivated. But more than
half is used for livestock. The acreage used for cereal production has
fallen by almost one-third. Meanwhile, the amount of land used for
forage crops has almost doubled to 20.6%.

  • Financial Times 08/06/99 page 37

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