MAFF cuts did not harm fight against BSE

02 June 1998

MAFF cuts ‘did not harm’ fight against BSE

THE inquiry into bovine spongiform encephalopathy heard yesterday (1 June) that Government cost-cutting did not impede MAFFs ability to carry out its duties when the disease first emerged.

The inquiry was told how provision for spending by the agriculture departments on research and development was cut by £100 million in 186-87 and £20m the following year. Spending on advisory services were slashed by £20m in 1987-88.

Sir Michael Frankling, permanent secretary at MAFF until October 1997, said he did not think he could isolate any particular organisation or weakness that make the crisis worse.

A confidential memo showed that fears of public alarm about the disease preoccupied government officials when ministers were first told of the problem.

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