MAFF plans boost to export abattoirs

18 May 2000

MAFF plans boost to export abattoirs

By FWi staff

THE Ministry of Agriculture has proposed changing the rules to make it more attractive for slaughterhouses and cutting plants to export British beef.

Currently, plants operating under the date-based export scheme must only process beef for the export market. All the beef processed must be de-boned.

Only two companies have signed up to the scheme which was introduced to guarantee the safety of British beef to potential export markets.

But a consultation paper has been issued on a proposal which would allow plants operating under the scheme to also sell bone-in beef on the UK market.

A MAFF spokesman said the proposal aimed to allow bone-in meat that was processed under the strictest of conditions to be sold on the domestic market.

The Meat and Livestock Commission welcomed the proposal, the consultation period for which will finish on 9 June.

Terry Lee, MLC export director, said: “Its purpose is that it improves the efficiency of the plants and anything that does that is beneficial.”

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