MAFF puts out suckler quota alert

By FWi staff

BEEF farmers are reminded that the notification period for transfers and leases of suckler cow quota this year will run from June 16 to December 6, the Ministry of Agriculture said today.

During the notification period, producers will be able to obtain or dispose of quota for the 1998 Suckler Cow Premium Scheme (SCPS). The scheme will open for applications on July 1.

Producers wishing to acquire quota must ensure that their notification forms are received by a Regional Service Centre (RSC) on or before the day their RSC receives their 1998 SCPS claim.

Producers with more than seven units of quota must use at least 90% of their suckler cow quota in the 1998 scheme year to avoid being penalised. If they fail to do so, the quota will be withdrawn without compensation.

Producers with seven or fewer units must ensure they us 90% of their quota every other year if they wish to avoid having quota withdrawn. This means they must either claim the premium on their quota or lease it out to another producer.

Notification forms SCP19(1998) with explanatory leaflet SCP20(1998) will be available from MAFF Regional Service Centres from June 16. Leasing forms SCP21(1998) and explanatory leaflet SCP22(1998) will also be available from the same date.

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