MAFF updates cereal forecasts

By FWi staff

MAFF has revised its 1999/2000 UK cereal supply and demand forecasts to take in new production estimates published in February.

Opening stock estimates now show a reduction in the barley import forecast, plus lower wheat and barley availability by 186,000 tonnes and 166,000t respectively.

Human and industrial (H&I) use of wheat has been revised down by 59,000t, according to the Home Grown Cereals Authority.

“Flour production running below the early MAFF forecast and reduced distillers usage are the principal factors.”

Barley usage in the H&I sector has been put 36,000 lower on the back of reduced brewers, malsters and distillers usage in December.

Animal feed use has been raised by 20,000t, although barley usage is put lower by 34,000t.

Wheat export and intervention stock estimates are put 98,000t lower at 3.21m tonnes, reflecting lower availability.

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