MAFFs eartag error

24 December 1999

MAFFs eartag error

A MISTAKE by MAFF in its new Herd Register Book has left ministry officials red-faced but unrepentant.

While a genuine mistake by a farmer can result in severe financial penalties MAFF officials this week were unconcerned despite admitting an example in the guidance notes for its new Herd Register Book is wrong.

The book, which has been sent to all cattle farmers in England, includes guidance notes and a page showing farmers how they should enter information.

But one of the examples given shows two animals – a dam and its calf – with the same eartag number. The dams eartag number is recorded in a separate column further along the same line.

A MAFF spokesman told farmers weekly: "The numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

"It was just an example to show where figures go in the boxes. I would have thought most farmers would have the sense to know the dam and animal tag numbers are not the same."

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