Maize potential looking good

27 August 1999

Maize potential looking good

FIRST dry matter sample results for this years maize crop make interesting reading writes Grainseeds Mike Warden.

Overall, the crops potential this year is good where growers have produced good seed-beds and crop growth has been unimpeded through compaction or poor seedbed conditions. Most crops drilled in good conditions in late April and early May established well and were able to capitalise on warm and humid weather through July.

But this is not the case with all growers, particularly in the south-west, west and north where spring soil conditions were not conducive to seedbed production or early drilling. Crops are more variable with some poor crops where seedbeds have been forced and compaction has occurred. In addition, these crops have been more susceptible to weed competition and were unable benefit fully from good July weather.

For good well developed crops in the south, harvest is anticipated to be about the third week in September but even crops further north look good and will not be far behind. &#42

Forage maize dry matter change

Site location Height above sea level Drilling date Crop dry matter

(metres) (%)

Crediton, Devon 118 April 30 16.8

Harleston, Norfolk 50 April 29 17.5

Gelli Aur College, Dyfed 23 May 17 13.0

Winchester, Hampshire 100 May 3 18.0

Ticknall, Derbyshire 67 May 3 17.6

Castle Howard, Yorkshire 75 May 2 15.4

Dumfries, Scotland* 45 May 14 14.2

* Variety Nancis – all other sites drilled with Sophy.

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