Make all farming organic – Greens

18 May 2001

Make all farming organic – Greens

By FWi staff

THE GREEN Partys manifesto includes a call for all farm production to become organic in 30 years, reports The Independent.

The party is set to release full details of its pledges later on Friday (18 May).

It is expected to promise the abolition of the Common Agricultural Policy, a guarantee not to join the Euro and measures to cut the use of pesticides in half within four years.

The document will promise that farming subsidies would be redirected to encourage organic production and to help farmers use fewer chemicals.

It will also pledge to create a Ministry of Food to protect consumers and to help avoid problems like BSE and foot-and-mouth.

The Partys goal is sustainable farming, where farms supply local people with their food, reports the paper.

The manifesto will also offer opposition to the idea of transporting goods across the country for packaging elsewhere.

The party is not expected to gain any Westminster seats on 7 June, but it hopes to capitalise on increased awareness of green issues as a result of foot-and-mouth.


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