21 June 2002


THIS is the exhibit for Royal Show visitors who want to make sure they are taking full advantage of the subsidy and grant aid opportunities available under the agri-environment scheme.

Leading organisations such as DEFRA and FWAG will be available at the exhibit at grid ref O7 to discuss the options that are currently available for environment related initiatives. Discussions can cover existing schemes as well as providing information to those interested in taking part for the first time.

DEFRAs contributions will include a series of demonstrations covering hedgerow management, dry stone walling, grass margins and other aspects of boundary management as well as arable options and meadows. The demos will be aimed at showing a range of management techniques and their results in a highly visible way, and DEFRA will also highlight the management options available to farmers, including links between the agri-environment scheme and other initiatives under the Rural Development Programme.

There is advice and practical help from FWAG for farmers facing the job of filling in application forms for the agri-environment scheme, as wellas help with the related administration that has been blamed for deterring some farmers in the past. FWAG can claim plenty of expertise in this area as they already deal with one-third ofall applications nationally.

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