2 June 2000


Marketing has become a key word for the livestock industry in the past few years, and it is a word that seems here to stay.

Along with it has come farm assurance. One producer co-ops members have opted to meet the highest assurance standards, in the hope of a marketing edge. In this Update we find out the schemes demands and why members are concerned about its future.

But according to one consultant reported here, milk producers must realise the most important person in any market is the customer – the milk consumer.

If you take a look around your local supermarket there are new products, new packaging and special promotions each week.

We must fit milk and milk products in to this environment. Liquid milk will always be a commodity product, but the appearance of fresh flavoured milk on supermarket shelves is good to see. However, most appears in litre packs and that is a lot of flavoured milk to drink.

There is also an increase in sales of organic milk and it is a market one producer covered here believes his future lies in supplying.

I am sure there is still more scope for development of milk products, especially those that appeal to children, encouraging the pester factor.

However, to compete in a world of exciting food, advertising is also important. It is good to know a milk advertising campaign – featuring George Best – will be seen from June 19. But producers must recognise this alone is not enough to guarantee the future of milk.

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