Many thanks to that Irish mud Samaritan

15 October 1999

Many thanks to that Irish mud Samaritan

MUD, mud glorious mud – I know many readers enjoy our Health Farm visits but I had a mud bath free at the Irish Ploughing Championship at Castletownroache.

What spirit the Irish have, still smiling through torrential rain amid an absolute quagmire. At the end of the event I was covered with mud while pushing a car out of the car park. With a plane to catch and my suitcase left in another car I shall be eternally grateful to the young mum in a farmhouse alongside the road near Ballyhooley who kindly let me use her bathroom and gave me a change of clothes.

She wouldnt give me her name and the house didnt appear to have one so anyone who knows of this good Samaritan – she has a little boy of about three years old and a baby – please let me know so I can thank her properly. Jean Howells FWC Organiser

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