Marathon: To finish is to win…

20 March 1998

Marathon: To finish is to win…

GETTING round is what matters. The Flora London Marathon is not a race as far as those running to raise funds for FARM-Africa are concerned.

The FARM-Africa runners were reminded of this at their special briefing meeting in London. The group includes Jake Tebbit, farmers weeklys cartoonist. His aspirations are modest: "Just as long as I am through before they start opening the roads again and I get run over," he says stoically.

Jake has had to take a few days off training to ease a strained muscle. Rest and periodic cooling of the affected part with a packet of frozen peas has relieved the pain and set him back on track.

To take some of the pain out of supporting his efforts – and the charity – we are publishing a sponsorship form for you to complete and send off with your cheque payable to FARM-Africa. Address it to FARM-Africa, 9-10 Southampton Place, Bloomsbury, London WC1A 2EA and quote reference E2159.

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