March could still be on

22 June 2001

March could still be on

THE Countryside Alliance has warned it could resurrect its plans for the Countryside March following the inclusion of a free vote on hunting with dogs in the Queens speech.

John Jackson, alliance chairman, said any action would depend on the form of a Bill when it was finally introduced. No details of what MPs will be asked to vote on have been released.

If the government brought forward legislation to ban hunting a massive civil liberties march in London and a determined campaign against a ban would be a "racing certainty", said Mr Jackson.

But if the free vote process marked the start of attempts by the government to find a workable solution then the alliance would do all it could to help resolve the issue.

A statement released by Downing Street said hunting was an issue that aroused strong passions among people on both sides of the argument so was rightly a free vote issue. &#42

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