Markets news

27 February 1998

Markets news

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  • World wheat

    Global wheat production this year is expected to be a record, the International Grains Council said yesterday. – Click here

  • Fertiliser price review

    The early spring weather has stirred activity in the fertiliser market and most merchants are busy with deliveries. – Click here

  • Heavy hogs

    UK pig producers are hoping to outwit farmers in the European Union by rearing “super hogs” for manufacturers and bacon users in Holland and the Low Countries. – Click here

  • Pigs

    Pig producers report that it is becoming increasingly difficult to increase returns caused by a domestic market flooded with cheap lamb and poultry. – Click here

  • Ruminant straights

    Prices eased this week and many feedstuffs dropped by more than £5/ tonne. – Click here

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