Martin nobbling probe put off

25 April 2000

Martin ‘nobbling’ probe put off

By FWi staff

COURT officials have said they will not conduct an immediate inquiry into suggestions that the jury in the murder trial of farmer Tony Martin was “nobbled”.

Mr Martin was last week sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 16-year-old Fred Barras during a break-in on his farm at Emneth, near Wisbech.

Suggestions that the jury had been threatened or intimidated arose when a woman who said she was a juror phoned a local radio station after the trial ended.

Officials at Norwich Crown Court said it was up to Mr Martins lawyers to decide whether the suggestions of intimidation should form part of their appeal.

The radio station involved, Broadland 102FM, is reported as saying that the woman caller made no mention about being pressured.

Mr Martins lawyers are expected to launch an appeal against his conviction on Friday (28 April).

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