Mattie Gtops USA list while other high PINbulls follow

22 August 1997

Mattie Gtops USA list while other high PINbulls follow

By Jessica Buss

LEADING the latest US type and production bull proof listing is the Mascot son Mattie G, one of many promising high PIN newcomers to the list.

Eastview Influence Mattie G is a Mascot son out of a Blackstar with a UK conversion at 71% reliability of 1159kg milk, 32kg (-0.17%) fat, 35kg (0.00%) protein, £127 PIN and £132 ITEM, making him the second highest bull available in the UK(see table). His US predicted transmitting ability for type (PTAT) is 1.59.

Mellwood son Zebo is in second place on the USlist with a UK PIN of £112, and in third position is Ladys-Manor Winchester. He is an Aerostar son out of a Cleitus with a UK conversion at 69% reliability of 1351kg milk 37kg (-0.19%) fat and 33kg (-0.12%) protein, and £116 PIN.

The Leadman son Demand, another newcomer, takes fifth place on TPI. His conversion at 76% reliability is 1195kg milk, 29kg (-0.25%) fat, 33kg (-0.06%) protein, and £115 PIN.

Other changes to the TPI rankings see Luke, the former number one, drop to 10th position with the addition of 700 daughters to his proof. He maintains production at £102 PIN. Bellwood has moved up to eighth position (£120 PIN). The leading Leadman son is Formation in 14th position at £100 PIN. Manfred in 12th position now has a PIN of £118.

Promising newcomers include Talon at £118 PIN, Bestow (£105 PIN) with a PTAT of 2.33 for type, Bazooka, a Thor son said to have exceptional type, particularly udders to give an ITEM of £103 (PIN £90), and Mascot son Bonanza at £96 PIN.

Other sires to be marketed here but not in the TPI listing include Mitt (£114 PIN), Palmer (£113 PIN), Brock (£112 PIN) with 2.59 PTAT, and newcoming high type bull Grandslam at 2.59 PTAT with an udder composite score of 3.76 and £72 PIN.

Top 10 Holstein Friesian bulls available in the UK ranked on ITEM Aug 97



Mascot (UK)Genus98122331-0.2938-0.0313513535

Mattie G (US)ABS Progen71115932-0.17350.0012713245

Gibbon (Fr)Supersires73111926-0.28350.0012212735

Etazon Knock Out (H)Genus79106732-0.15340.0012512632

Fatal (Fr)Avoncroft7484124-0.15310.0711512258

Eastland Cash (H)Genus8292336-0.01310.0211912030

Zandenburger Royal (H)Genus81696390.17280.0911612022

Maizefield Bellwood (US)AltaPon77124737-0.1534-0.0712011734

Cleiber (G)Topline Sires8286930-0.11300.0211111725

Ha-Ho Cubby Manfred (US)Avoncroft71115433-0.1533-0.0411811528

*All foreign proofs converted to UK PTA95 equivalents using the latest Interbull conversions. Source:HFS and Animal Data Centre.

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