Maverick on its own

20 February 1998

Maverick on its own

NEW winter wheat Maverick is in a class of its own. It is neither a feed wheat, nor a bread-making wheat. But if claims for the hard endosperm variety are justified, it could boost wheat returns.

Bred by Advanta Seeds, the flour milling and export characteristics of the Talon-Torfrida cross have attracted the interest of Cereal Industries, the merchanting and milling division of Associated British Foods.

Allied Mills has a first year requirement of 100,000t from harvest 1999, with a buy-back contract giving a £2/t premium over feed. Minimum protein content is set at 9.5%, and nearer 10.5% in trials.

Yield matches the top feed varieties, so Maverick can give a gross margin easily £36/ha (£14.50/acre) above Brigadier and Equinox, claims Allieds David Waite.

The varietys high Zeleny and exceptional gluten content is what attracts Allied. Zeleny rates 57.7 against a feed wheat average of 15-30. Gluten strength sends Chopin Alveograph readings off the scale.

It has scores of 7 and 9 for mildew and brown rust resistance respectively, and good resistance to septoria. Yellow rust may need watching and high yield potential means a PGR is felt advisable.

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