Meat processors worried about pig-feed ban

Monday, 16 February, 1998

By Peter Crichton

REPRESENTATIVES of meat processors are to ask the Government to urgently reveal the extent of a proposed ban on feeding pigs with porcine by-products.

The British Meat Manufacturers Association (BMMA) will request MAFF to come up with a scientific justification for banning the feeding of manufacturing waste to pigs.

Such a ban could lead to mounting disposal and environmental problems for the UK as a whole, the BMMA argues.

Pig finishers who have previously thought that the ban would only apply to a few swill units may be in the a shock. The ban could also affect conventional pigs fed on wet feed and compounds.

If the Government sticks to advice from SEAC, then the feeding of bakery waste and biscuit meal which could contain porcine by-products may also be banned.

Feed compounders may have to ensure that all in-feed ingredients have no traces of any porcine inclusions. This would present a great challenge to feed manufacturers, according to industry sources.

Draft orders for industry-wide consultation are expected to be published in March. But farmers fear that increased abattoir waste disposal costs could be passed back to the producer.

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