Meat trading goes online

By FWi staff

MEAT producers are set to benefit from improved prices and marketing opportunities following the launch of the first online meat trading service, claim the schemes backers.

Meatingpoint, first released in Sweden in September 2000, enables users, including producers, processors and abattoirs, to buy and sell meat over the internet.

It aims to simplify the trading process and increase the available market for clients in the meat industry.

“Supply chains have always had costs and inefficiencies which ultimately find their way back to the primary producer.

“This initiative aims to eliminate these costs and provide greater market access, leading to better prices in the future,” says Malcolm Morrison, UK area manager.

“Many producers feel they lose value and dont get the price they deserve.

“Now farmer co-ops and other groups can trade without capital investment and have access to a wider range of customers and retailers.”

Mr. Morrison believes that, with support being reduced and many of the barriers in Europe coming down, producers must look towards marketing their way out of the problem.

“Meatingpoint is about improving the long term future of the meat industry throughout the supply chain.

“It benefits producers by cutting costs and providing wider market opportunities and increased competition.”

Meatingpoint estimates that 3% of all meat trading in Europe will be transacted on-line by 2003.

This represents an annual turnover of Euro1.5 billion (900m).

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