Melchett quits in favour of farming

27 October 2000

Melchett quits in favour of farming

LORD Melchett, executive director of Greenpeace UK for the past 12 years, has quit his post to spend more time running his own farm.

According to the Independent Lord Melchett has decided he had spent long enough in the job and wants to return to his first love, his 800-acre Norfolk farm.

“If I was going to leave eventually now seems like a really good time, because things are going so well for Greenpeace.”

“We have definitely made an impact on the GM issue,” he said.

The peer hit the headlines last month when cleared of criminal damage after destroying a crop of genetically modified maize in Norfolk last year.

The verdict shocked farmers, who claimed it raised fundamental issues about the right of farmers to go about their lawful business.

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