Meldrum gives evidence to BSE Inquiry

19 October 1998

Meldrum gives evidence to BSE Inquiry

By FWi staff

KEITH Meldrum, the Governments former Chief Veterinary Officer, is giving evidence to the BSE Inquiry in London this morning (Monday).

Mr Meldrum, who is accused of under-estimating the risk to humans from BSE, has already submitted a 271-page statement to the inquiry.

But so far he has said nothing about allegations that he helped create a cover-up at the height of the BSE crisis.

Sir Kenneth Calman, the Governments former Chief Medical Officer, last week accused Mr Meldrum of failing to report the inadequacy of a ban on BSE-infected meat in the human food chain.

Sir Kenneth said Mr Meldrum failed to inform the public despite knowing that the ban was not working.

The ban was introduced in 1990 to prevent the brains and spinal columns of cattle from passing into human food chain from abattoirs.

But Sir Kenneth said Mr Meldrum had told him as late as 1995 that the ban was being flouted.

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