Mezzo tractors in tune with times

10 July 1998

Mezzo tractors in tune with times

VALTRA Tractors has introduced a range of pivot steer models based on the Mezzo tractor range.

Rated at 95hp, 105hp and 115hp the machines are produced in two specifications – one for forestry and the other considered suitable for the agricultural market equipped with a loader having a 4t lift capacity.

Powered by four cylinder 4.4-litre turbocharged Valmet engines – the 115hp version benefiting from a intercooler, there is a choice of two transmissions. Both driven through a 32cm (13in) diameter clutch, a 12 x 12 or 36 x 36 Delta Powershift can be specified. Further options extend to the use of the companys HiTrol fluid clutch or HiShift, Valtras button operated gear change system.

The pivot steering system employs a pair of rams to provide a 42-degree steering angle and an outside turning radius of 4.5m.

Hydraulic power for the loader is supplied by a separate engine driven pump producing 100 litres/minute at 210 bar – sufficient capacity to allow this hydraulic supply to power a range of external implements.

For the operator, the cab is the same as the one fitted to the Mezzo and the seat revolves for use with the TwinTrac reverse drive sys tem.

– a system which includes a duplicate set of pedals at the rear of the cab.

Depending on specification, prices start at £49,000 for the 95hp model.

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