27 February 1999



Massey Ferguson is consolidating its grip on mid-range tractors with the launch of two replacement series. David Millar reports first impressions from Paris on the French-built machines.

A SOLID blend of proven and upgraded components awaits buyers for MFs 6200 and 8200 series being launched at the SIMA Paris Show.

The most obvious concession to the innovative developments of rival tractor makers is the inclusion of new Powershift gearboxes with smooth, clutchless gear changing made easy by the introduction of a left-hand, toggling Power Control lever. MF parent Agco has access now to some high-tech transmissions systems but for bread-and-butter tractors the emphasis stays on getting a mix of dependability and ease of use.

Theres a familiar notchiness about right-handed manual gear changes in the new 6200 series (75-135hp) tractors, but users will welcome the extra fingertip control eliminating the clutch. The cost of either new range hasnt yet been confirmed but an undoubted premium will be required over the outgoing models.

Perkins and Valmet supply engines in their latest green spec for the 6200 and the 145-260hp 8200 tractors. These have been optimised for emissions, cold starting, longer service intervals, and torque. The UK looks like getting seven tractors, from 85hp to 135hp, in the 6200 series fitted with the Perkins 4- and 6-cylinder engines. A mixture of Perkins and Valmet 6-cylinder turbo engines is used in the seven models in the bigger range – the 210hp, 230hp and 260hp models are due in the summer.

A rearward tilting bonnet has been introduced to improve access to the engine, air cleaner and radiator of the bigger machines, and is optional on the 6200 series.

The Power Control feature is wrapped up with Powershift (18 forward and eight reverse gears) to become Powershift Plus – an option with Dynashift on the 145-185hp tractors and standard on the more powerful machines. In the 6200 series, Power Control can be combined with either the 16-speed Speedshift or the 32-speed Dynashift.

The left-hand, steering column-mounted control lever allows forward/reverse Powershuttle changes, clutchless Dynashift changes and fingertip clutch control. It all adds up to faster headland turnaround, says MF.

Controlling these clutchless changes is the latest version of the MF transmission controller, first introduced 12 years ago and still head of the class, according to the companys Peter Delaney. The electronic system not only controls clutchless speed changes but also four-wheel drive, diff locks, pto and hydraulics.

Updated dash

On the 8200 Powershift Plus models MF has installed a new dashboard with analogue displays of engine rpm, fuel level, coolant temperature and oil pressure, while LCD displays show transmission-related data such as gear selection and pre-settings. Dealer engineers can also interrogate the system for diagnostic information.

New for the 8200 series is the largest modular rear axle and braking system of any equivalent tractor. It helps give the 210-260hp models a 10t lifting capacity, with the other 8200 models capable of raising 8.7t at the back. The 6200 series models can lift 5.85-7.1t.

Main controls for the linkage operation have been repositioned on both ranges into the right-hand seat armrest. A Datatronic II system provides adjustable automatic wheelslip control, with dual control for large semi-mounted implements used with the 8200 series machines.

Twin disc braking and twin epicyclic units are standard on the most powerful models, but all benefit from the extra-large oil-cooled disc brakes. The twin disc systems have a total disc surface area of 1.29sq m on either side, cooled and lubricated with a constant oil flow at 7 litres/min.

MF has paid attention to the cab on these tractors to be built at its French Beauvais factory. Exhausts are side-mounted to help visibility – a drop bonnet is optional on the smaller of the 6200 series – but there are interior layout changes. Armrest mounted controls are new, as is the short main gear lever on the front of the right-hand control console housing most of the main controls.

Air conditioning and a passenger seat are standard in the 8200 series cabs but options for the smaller range. A panorama roof – a glass panel – is optional for 6200 models for ease of use with a front loader.

Model Engine Power (DIN hp/kW)624F 4-cyl 4.0 litre turbo 85/62.5

6255 95/69.9

6260 6-cyl 6.0 litre non-turbo 105/77.2

6265 4-cyl 4.0 litre turbo 105/77.2

6270 6-cyl 6.0 litre turbo 115/84.6

6280 125/92

6290 135/99.3Model Engine Power (DIN hp/kW)8210 6-cyl 6.0 litre turbo 145/107

8220 156/114

8240 170/125

8250 6-cyl 7.4 litre turbo 185/136

8260* 210/154

8270* 6-cyl 8.4 litre turbo 230/169

8280* 260/191

Cambridge on a roll

FLEXI-COIL has redesigned its three-section, hydraulically folding Cambridge roller with a new flip-up stand and height-adjustable draw bar. A larger 130mm (5in) diameter hydraulic ram is fitted to the Cambridge/breaker versions, the 61cm version of which has a redesigned cradle to give added protection to the breaker rings when folding and in transport. Three widths are available from 6.3m to 8.3m, at prices from £5,195 to £9,750. A 6.3m standard version is also available from £4,400.

Flexi-coil UK, The Airfield, Seaton Ross, York YO4 4NF. Tel: 01759 318775.

Sprayers turn of speed

INTO the middle of the Berthoud Boxer range of self-propelled sprayers comes a new 2,500-litre, 24m model with high-speed road capability. The first Boxer 2500R has been brought in by HL Hutchinson, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, which will be selling the model from April for just under £64,000. What marks out the 2500R is its ability to travel – with the right tyres – at up to 40kph (25mph) on the road thanks to having full secondary braking. Road mode is selected by switching out of either of the two field modes. HL Hutchinson Ltd, Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 2RN. Tel: 01945 461177.

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