31 May 2002


School Milk Matters and if it

matters enough to you to

campaign about it, you could

win a great cash prize – we

have £2000 to give away

Farmers weekly and Dairy Crest believe in school milk. It is the ideal healthy break-time snack for youngsters, full of natural goodness and free from sugar and colouring.

We want more children to take advantage of it – they will benefit from this nutritious drink, and the British dairy industry will benefit, from the farmer who produces it to the milkman who delivers it.

All children up to the age of 11 are entitled to have subsidised milk – nursery class children can have it free – but the uptake is poor, around just 16%. However, our School Milk Matters campaign seeks to persuade more schools to take milk and to encourage this we have some great cash prizes for great results.

Prizes will be

awarded in two


1 Individual/family, ie an individual campaigner or a family team effort.

2 School, school group/ any other group, ie school, staff, governors, parent association/ or groups such as WI, YFC, FWC, youth clubs etc.

Two prizes of £500 each will be awarded in each category – so prepare to stake your claim to part of the total £2000 prize money.

To win a prize you will need to:

Successfully campaign to get a school milk scheme started for the autumn term (Sept 2002) at a school(s) which at present does not offer milk


successfully campaign to significantly increase the uptake of milk in the autumn term (Sept 2002) in a school where a milk scheme already operates.

To enter:

You will need to keep a record of your campaign efforts, successes and failures. Keep cuttings of any publicity you receive, take pictures of any events you get involved in, keep a log of all activities so that you have a dossier to refer to when you submit your entry.

Key to the chance of a prize will be confirmation that the school(s) involved can show that a new milk scheme has been instigated to start in the new school year in Sept 2002 or

that milk uptake has significantly increased (by percentage so all schools large or small will be judged equally) where a milk scheme was already operational. Figures will be checked.

Closing date for entries is Fri, Sept 20, 2002. However, you will need to do much of your campaigning before the long summer holidays as most schools ask parents to pay for milk at the start of each term and you will want maximum uptake in the new term in September.

To help you get your campaign off the ground we suggest you do your homework by getting as much information about milk as possible – see our box of useful contacts.

Category 1: Contestants could start by contacting their local schools and Local Education Authority (LEAs receive the subsidy) to find out who is and who isnt offering milk.

Category 2: Contestants should establish why there is no milk scheme or poor uptake in their targeted school(s) and start to provide sound reasons why there should be.

Then it is time to start doing something about it.



&#8226 Cut out and/or keep our School Milk Matters campaign articles. The first appeared last week (May 24) and these will help with ideas and information.

lLobby parents at the school gate, teachers, school heads, governors.

&#8226 Involve farming families to give talks in school or provide school visits. Ask the local dairy company to do the same. &#8226 Take a stall at school fetes or local fairs and hand out information gleaned from the Dairy Council, Dairy Crest, nutritionists etc (see opposite page).

&#8226 Teachers can interest pupils in all aspects of milk production – this could fit well with a number of subjects. Children might like to learn how milk is produced or visit an open farm, make a scrap book or come up with some great ideas for milky drinks.

&#8226 To encourage all campaigners Farmlife would be happy to highlight some of the efforts over the coming months – so let us know what you are doing. Call 0208-652 4929 or email

We will be giving you more ideas and information over the coming months but make a note now to send your entry to School Milk Matters Competition, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS to arrive no later than Fri, Sept 20, 2002.

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