Milk Link premium for Channel Island

By FWi staff

MILK LINK, the newly formed farmers co-operative, has announced a premium of 1.1ppl from 1 April for its Channel Island milk.

The company claims the premium has been made possible by managing to sell a high proportion of its Channel Island milk into premium markets, and for the first time the balance has been sold on the basis of compositional quality.

Milk Link says the price achieved is significant given the tough marketplace in which negotiations have taken place.

But at 17.7ppl this is lower than a number of other buyers with Unigate paying a 2p premium at 18.98ppl and The Milk Group averaging about 20ppl depending on composition.

Last month Milk Link announced its new standard litre price at 16.6ppl, ahead of the other two former Milk Marque co-operatives.

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Bruton Knowles

Axis has now confirmed it sold all its milk giving farmers a standard price of 16.5ppl and an additional trading bonus of 0.2ppl.

Although Zenith, the final new co-operative to announce its milk price, has not fixed a standard pence per litre a spokeswoman for the company said it would be paying a Milk Marque equivalent of 16.67ppl.

Seasonality deductions have been cut from 1.5p to 0.5ppl after members in the north said April was a winter month for them.

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