Milk Marketing Board payouts on hold

04 August 1998

Milk Marketing Board payouts on hold

By FWi staff

DAIRY producers are no closer to knowing how much money they are due from the Milk Marketing Board, or when they will be paid.

It became clear after the recent Residual MMB annual general meeting at Thames Ditton that a deadline for winding up the organisations affairs is still some way off.

Sir Derek Andrews, chairman of the RMMB, said the board had to account for remaining assets and the discharge of outstanding liabilities before money could be paid back to producers. Any conflict with regulations could delay the process which could be against producer interests, he added.

Among the uncertainties was a recent reference to the European Court of certain provisions in the Equal Pay Act which affected the eligibility for pensions of part-time employees and former employees of the MMB.

However, the RMMB had continued to pursue outstanding milk levy debts and claims against processors, said Sir Derek. More than £2 million had been recouped in the past year, bringing the total debt recovery between vesting day and March 31, 1998, to £7m, before legal costs.

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