9 November 2001 sold

MIDLANDS quota broker Carver Knowles and consultancy group The Andersons Centre have bought online trading platform from FOL Networks for an undisclosed sum.

The firms Tony Carver says the sale was agreed before FOL Networks went into voluntary liquidation (Business, Nov 2).

But this would not have influenced the price paid, he adds. "It was the right price given the sites track record."

Dairy farmers can use the service to trade quota 24 hours a day, seven days a week, says Mr Knowles. "It is a cheaper way to trade quota for farmers who dont need the advice of an agent."

However, he adds that the price structure may have to be reviewed. "The rates charged by FOL are unsustainable. We hope to keep them the same for lessees and buyers, but they may have to go up for vendors and lessors."

Each deal attracts a fixed fee, currently £50 for leasing and £100 for permanent transfer.

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