Millers doubts over Genesis assurance

By Vicky Houchin at Cereals 99

ONE of Britains biggest millers has expressed concern over the new Genesis assurance scheme.

Speaking at Cereals 99 Peter Jones, director of wheat for Rank Hovis, said as far as he is concerned there is only one assurance scheme – and that is the Assured Combinable Crop Scheme (ACCS).

Although Mr Jones admitted that he knew very little about Genesis, his concerns are based on the initial acceptance that farmers go through when joining.

He understands acceptance to the scheme is based on the farm conforming to five points. His concerns are based on independent verification, or lack of it.

Mr Jones said that an assurance scheme should be based on best practice, record-keeping and independent verification. “And we regard ACCS as giving a very good level of all these,” he added.

Jonathan Tipples, chairman of the ACCS scheme said that he wants to bring a number of schemes together and investigate the practicalities of a single verification to cover the schemes.

Weve tried to make contact with Genesis, he said. “Richard Whitlock and myself have tried to contact them but they have so far refused to meet us.”

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