Minister sets date for Rural Paper

24 November 2000

Minister sets date for Rural Paper

By FWi staff

THE long-awaited Rural White Paper really will be published next week, agriculture minister Nick Brown has insisted.

For weeks officials have said only that the paper will come “shortly”. But the minister said it would definitely be released on Tuesday (28 November).

Mr Brown told a conference in London that the underlying theme of the paper would be help for rural communities to adapt in a changing world.

“As well as a new direction for agriculture policy, the Government will be outlining new measures to improve the delivery of public services in rural areas.”

Mr Brown also promised new plans for safeguarding the environment and empowering local decision-making.

New funds will be available for more affordable housing in small towns and villages, as well as measures to help village shops, post offices and pubs, he said.

“Many of the ideas in the white paper build on achievements we have made over the past three years since the general election,” he concluded.

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