Minister to target red-tape burden

17 September 1999

Minister to target red-tape burden

FARM minister, Nick Brown, has started work on the new government-industry working group which will look at ways to cut red tape.

The minister has written to the NFU asking it to list its priorities. In his letter, Mr Brown says the aim will be for working groups, each looking at different issues, to present reports within the next few weeks. "We can then consider whether there is scope for action which will reduce the burden on agriculture while also satisfactorily meeting our other objectives, such as the protection of public health and public funds."

NFU president, Ben Gil,l said the joint review on red tape, which will also involve farming organisations from the rest of the UK, needed to be carried out urgently. "The NFU welcomes this vital opportunity to look at ways that this burden, which is a major contributing factor to the current crisis, can be reduced. But there is much work to do and it must be done quickly if the results of this vital exercise are not to come too late for many in our industry." &#42

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