Misconceptions make for howlers

30 August 2002

Misconceptions make for howlers

"An advantage of castrating meat animals is it stops them messing around so they can concentrate on growing."

"The difference between a ruminant and a non-ruminant is that the ruminant can eat potatoes raw and the non-ruminant has to have them boiled."

"A full-mouthed ewe has 24 moral teeth."

"A vaccine is what you get before you actually get it and it stops you from getting it."

"The basic function of the kidneys is to refine the water in the body and get rid of the waist."

Are you are teacher or lecturer who has been left perplexed or amused by sentiments such as these? If so, wed love to hear about it. Dont worry, you can remain anonymous – all we want are the words of wisdom. £10 awaits. Email: tim.relf@rbi.co.uk or write to Student Howlers, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS.

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