MLC gets union support

16 October 1998

MLC gets union support

THE NFU is generally satisfied with the Meat and Livestock Comm-issions structure and performance.

Promotion, the union said in its submission, was a key activity of the MLC and the area of greatest expenditure. "We would urge MLC to carry out, on a regular basis, objective, quantitative assessments of the returns from and effectiveness of its promotional work."

The present form of the MLC was broadly appropriate and the union could not see any other organisations with which the commission could be satisfactorily merged. The existing remit, too, was appropriate, the NFU believed. And there was no need at the present time to alter the basic structure of funding.

"However, we feel strongly that producer levy payers continue to bear the lions share of financing the MLC and that there should be a fairer balance between producers and the abattoir/processing sector," the NFU submission stated. &#42

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