MLC pushes unexportable pigmeat

9 May 2001

MLC pushes unexportable pigmeat

By Alistair Driver

A NEW 900,000 four-week campaign to promote pigmeat that cannot be exported because of foot-and-mouth will be launched on Monday (14 May).

The Meat and Livestock Commission has tweaked the latest stage of its three-year pigmeat marketing campaign to take into account the export ban.

The campaign will focus on selling more pig forequarter cuts, which are usually exported in large quantities.

There is currently a lot of forequarter meat in the system because of the ban, which the MLC is keen to shift, said marketing director Richard Lowe.

Consumers and caterers will be encouraged to try recipes with forequarter and traditional pork cuts, he added.

“Our aim is to maximise sales on the home market and, through use of more forequarter meat, add to the value farmers get for their animals.”

The campaign TV adverts, retailer promotions and new recipes for caterers, it is the first campaign to promote red meat since the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

The pigmeat campaign was put on hold when the disease emerged.

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