Mobile driers work fast

30 November 2001

Mobile driers work fast

OPICO has launched a range of diesel-fired mobile batch driers.

Designed for larger farms, the largest model in the pto-powered Magna range – the 2000QF – is claimed to be capable of drying 21% moisture content (mc) to 16% mc at a rate of 10t/hour.

Grain capacity of the 2000QF is 20t with loading completed in 12 minutes by using twin 8in loading augers.

Once loaded, grain is circulated through the machine while it receives hot air generated from a diesel burner and a centrifugal fan producing 32,375cu ft/min. The units burner comprises a Duax heat core burner chamber which uses heat from retaining bricks as well as the burner – a system which is said to be efficient to the point that one gallon of diesel is used to reduce the moisture content 1t of grain by 5%.

Opico has incorporated a user-friendly control unit which automatically controls the drying process.

For those with lesser requirements the maker also offers the Magna 1200QF model which holds 12t and dries at 6t/hour.

lFor a full report on new machinery at Grain 2001 see p66. &#42

With 20t capacity, Opicos Magna 2000QF batch drier is the first from the company to achieve a 10t/hour drying rate.

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