Mobile kitchen for the herd…

4 September 1998

Mobile kitchen for the herd…

A LITTLE and often of what you like does you good.

And it is the same with cows, maintains Collinson of Preston, which has added an electronic mobile cattle feeder to its range of feeding systems to take the concept of 24hr feeding into the field.

The Emerald Mobile is offered in five models, with from two to six feed stations on a road legal wheeled chassis, which can be towed to almost anywhere on the farm.

Each station will feed 25-30 cows, with the ration stored in an integral roof hopper to provide an on board feed capacity of 1cu m (35cu ft)/station, or approximately 640kg (1410lb) of pellets.

Individual rations, when they are required, are computer controlled with the feed programme activated by a transponder carried in the animals ear.

A mains adapter is provided to allow permanent location during winter. For summer grazing, the feeder can be sited within a 3km (1.9 mile) radius of the farm – data transmission to and from the base PC powered by battery packs.

Price of a four-station unit starts at around £16,000.

Concentrate feed can be rationed in the field with Collinsons Emerald Mobile Electronic Feeder. Models with up to six standings – sufficient to feed 180 cows – are available.

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