Money in spring OSR without subsidy

01 February 1999

Money in spring OSR without subsidy

SPRING-sown oilseed rape could remain an important rotational crop in Scotland despite the threat of subsidy cuts under Agenda 2000.

Dr Elaine Booth of the Scottish Agricultural College told a conference that conventional variety Maskot was the highest-yielding in a four-year trial.

Jim Wallace of seed merchant Daltons of Peterborough said farmers could make £10 an acre more by growing Maskot rather than a hybrid.

The crop has seen recent falls of up to £15 a tonne but Mr Wallace said alternatives were not that good.

About 20,000 hectares of spring rape were grown in Scotland last year of which 25% was Maskot. About the same area will be grown this year.

  • The Herald 01/02/99 page 19

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