Money in them thar horses…

12 June 1998

Money in them thar horses…

Since your article on farmers making money out of horsey holidays (Farmlife, May 29), we at Bridle Rides have had a flood of calls from farmers wanting to join our networks.

Incidentally, we offer a better deal than your article suggested: We, not the hosts, provide saddle-racks, buckets, grooming-kits and coarse-mix. The grazing alone – at £3 a horse a night – is not a very big money-maker to put it mildly – but it does bring in the extra guests for B&B and evening meals. Most hosts gross less than £1000 from our riders in a season, but some more than £2000.

One of Bridle Rides aims is to put money into the countryside. Farmers can help us do this by keeping bridleways in good condition (gates, overhanging branches, headlands, etc). We send riders where there are good bridleways, and not where there arent (eg Shropshire, where despite the beautiful countryside, the bridleways are in really bad condition).

Another way to put money into the countryside of course, is to come on one of our holidays – one of those rare examples where you can have a good holiday and put money the way of fellow farmers.

Adrian Moyes

Bridle Rides, Elms Cottages,

16 Queens Lane, Eynsham, Witney, Oxford.

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