Money on this tip…

2 October 1998

Dont let lightning strike even once

LIGHTNING might not strike twice in the same place. But it is prudent to be protected in case it strikes once – especially power lines, which can severely damage vital equipment on both arable and livestock farms.

This potentially hazardous situation can be avoided through the fitting of lightning arrestors and surge capacitors, says Mountfold, which has introduced a range of products offering protection against surges of up to 100,000 amps.

The components are available for either single or three phase installation and are wired in parallel into the consumer unit or service entrance onto the supply wires.

Prices start at £155 for paired units to protect a single phase supply; £215 three phase. (01787-227573)

Stainless steel is drilled to order

FARMERS now have an instrument which enables holes from 19mm-7.5cm (3/4-3in) in diameter to be drilled in steel of various thickness, says Practool, referring to its Pro-Pack adjustable boring tool.

The pack provides a choice of drive tools which screw into the main body of the drill. A special 0.75in twist drill head is used to form the initial pilot hole – so saving time and the possibility of inaccuracy, states the company – with the hole size required set by adjusting cutters which fit into square holes in the drive tool body.

Holes of up to 6.5cm (2.25in) are cut in a single operation, larger holes, up to 7.5cm in diameter, are done in two stages.

Described as being capable of cutting in mild, high-tensile and stainless steel, the Pro-Pack is priced at £197.50 with £12.50 carriage (01994-448315).

Money on this tip…

A REVERSIBLE coulter tip de-scribed as lasting three times longer than one made of ceramic is now being fitted as standard on Stanhays 1999 Rallye 592 sugar beet drill.

And, says the company, the TEK tip has the additional benefit of retaining its efficiency throughout its working life due to its profile remaining virtually unchanged. These characteristic come from the design of the tips cutting edge which is divided into three, with the two ends separated by a flat centre section which absorbs the impact from stones in the seed-bed.

The tips are also available as retro-fit parts at a price of £49 each (01638-577206).

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