Monsanto fails in bid to ban protestors

21 April 1999

Monsanto fails in bid to ban protestors

MONSANTO has failed in its High Court bid to get a permanent injunction against six protesters at its trial sites of genetically modified (GM) crops.

The judge threw out the application on the grounds that the protesters, who are members of the GenetiX Snowball organisation, could have a defence.

He said the matter would have to go to a full hearing.

The business section of The Independent takes a closer look at Monsanto, the leading player in the marketing of GM crops in the UK.

The company has become demonised as the dark force behind “Frankenstein Foods” but this title does not appear to have affected its fortunes.

Two key agricultural products, Roundup and Celebrex, provide the company with “two deep wells of easy revenue”, the newspaper says.

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