Monsanto injunction fails to deter GM protestors

20 July 1998

Monsanto injunction fails to deter GM protestors

By FWi staff

ANOTHER genetically modified crop has been destroyed – just two days after biotech giant Monsanto issued a court injunction aimed at reducing the number of attacks on its GM test sites.

The latest raid came this weekend when demonstrators uprooted a crop of Monsanto GM oilseed rape in Wiltshire.

Twelve protesters ripped up the plants on a farm at Sutton Veny, Warminster. Police then arrived, but no arrests were made.

Monsanto last Thursday issued an injunction against five women who ripped up 200 GM oilseed rape plants belonging to Monsanto at an Oxfordshire farm two weeks ago.

The women belong to the militant environmental group Genetix Snowball. The injunction prohibits them from uprooting, destroying or otherwise damaging any of Monsantos GM crops at 70 test field sites throughout Britain.

But other environmental protesters have vowed to continue wrecking GM test sites until their demands are met for a five-year moratorium on the release of GM crops into the environment.

This weekends attack brings the number of destroyed test sites to 27. There are approximately a 300 sites growing GM crops in the UK for 15 different biotech companies.

Monsanto says that GM crops will increase yields and allow farmers to use fewer pesticides. But many environmentalists dispute the companys claims.

A recent MORI poll found that 77% of the UK population is opposed to GM crops.

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