More checks as OP dust bows out

20 September 2001

More checks as OP dust bows out


CEREAL growers facing their first winter without Actellic dust (pirimiphos-methyl) insecticide have been warned to keep a closer check on grain stores.

Manufacturer Syngenta ran out of the dust in late July, shortly before registration expired on 3 August. Existing stocks may be applied until 2003.

Most growers without specialised equipment required for alternatives will need to check regularly for insect and mite infestation, says Richard Peake, of Harlow Agricultural Merchants.

“The main problem will come in the spring when stores warm up. Growers are going to have a look at their heaps a lot more carefully.”

Actellic was the last remaining insecticide dust on the market, usually applied to the surface of heaped grain as an insurance against infestation.

An organophosphate, its use has long been controversial, and is now subject to tighter controls in a key part of the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme.

Fresh data on hand-held applications were required to maintain the dusts registration – an exercise deemed uneconomic, says Syngentas Caroline Linsdell.

Storekeepers can still use liquid and smoke-bomb forms of Actellic, commonly used to treat stores prior to loading.


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