More schools reject GM food

19 January 1999

More schools reject GM food

By FWi staff

INCREASING numbers of local education authorities are banning food containing genetically modified ingredients from school canteens, claims a new survey.

Twenty-one out of 33 councils surveyed in London have official policies against genetically modified (GM) food, according to the study by the Food Commission.

A further 20 out of 46 other local authorities across the country also want to ban GM foods from schools.

The Food Commission campaigns for safer and healthier food. It also publishes Food Magazine which urges its readers: “Dont just get angry, get active!”

The magazine wants parents and consumers to write to local schools asking them to implement a GM-free policy for children.

The news comes on the day that local authorities were urged to buy British food rather than sourcing supplies from abroad.

GM foods are yet to be grown in this country but some imported supplies of common imported ingredients such as soya are known to be genetically modified.

The multi-national biotechnology companies behind the crops claim they can provide cheaper food without the need for certain types of agrochemicals.

But the latest issue of Food Magazine warns: “There is no evidence that GM foods will be cheaper so a GM-free policy should not cost anything to implement.”

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