More Scots back fewer subsidies

29 January 1999

More Scots back fewer subsidies

By FWi staff

MORE than half of Scotlands farmers want an upper limit on the total amount of subsidies individual producers can receive from the European Union.

A survey by TSB Scottish shows that 55% of farmers favour “modulating” the amount of farm subsidies compared with 49% this time last year.

The survey reveals that fewer farmers want large subsidies with the number of producers wanting subsidies to be abolished rising by 5% to 13%.

Farmers also view the single European currency as far more beneficial to the future of Scottish farming than reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Although 72% think CAP reform is essential, a massive 73% say the UK should join the Euro compared with 64% last year.

The biggest threat to prosperity is seen as the buying power of supermarkets and imports.

The survey also found more than 60% of farmers now believe that farm assurance schemes will have a positive effect on their future.

There were more than 500 survey respondents, with an average farm size of 194ha (480 acres). Almost 70% were owner-occupiers.

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