Most Hants winter barley cut; start on spring

30 July 2001

Most Hants winter barley cut; start on spring

EIGHTY to ninety per cent of winter barley has been combined in Hampshire, while in other southern areas 50-60% has been harvested, according to Jonathan Arnold of Robin Appell. But he does have concerns regarding the current hot weather.

“Its so hot, it is proving quite hard to get a good sample in the combine. At one end of the range there are split grains, and at the other it is quite hard to thresh.”

“Im concerned at how quickly the wheat has come on; I dont like to see crops ripen that quickly.”

Winter barley varieties Pearl and Maris Otter have produced pleasing results. Maris Otter has yielded over 6.1t/ha (2.5t/acre), a specific weight of 72kg/hl and nitrogen 1.5%.

“The quality is good. We have not seen anything we cannot use yet. But it is a more mixed picture above the M4.”

Two growers have also started combining early-drilled spring barley. “Weve been a bit spoilt over the last two years. Weve got to expect to be down from then.” Optic has yielded 6.1t/ha (2.5t/acre)

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