Mystery blisters not linked to virus

18 June 2001

Mystery blisters ‘not linked to virus’

By FWi staff

MYSTERY blisters found in the mouths of livestock during efforts to control foot-and-mouth, were unconnected with the disease, say veterinary scientists.

The blisters, which have never been seen before, complicated diagnosis of the disease, reports The Daily Telegraph.

But tests found that the blisters, first seen in Dumfries and Galloway, played no part in the disease,

Now photographs have been published in the Veterinary Record to advise vets still battling the disease in the field.

Vets have suggested that the blisters may be caused by grit from poor quality grazing or damage caused from sheep eating salt blocks.

Seven new cases of foot-and-mouth were reported on Sunday (17 June), taking the total number of UK confirmed cases to 1759.

To date 3,335,000 animals have been slaughtered, including 525,000 cattle, 2,681,000 sheep, 127,000 pigs and 2,000 goats.

Some 36,000 animals are awaiting slaughter and 13,000 carcasses remain to be disposed of.

  • The Daily Telegraph, 18 June, 2001, page 8


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